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Fontography Professional DVD (70.000 Fonts Edition)

Fontography Professional DVD (70.000 Fonts Edition)

ISZ | 70.000 Fonts | 3.4 GB

The disc FONTOGRAPHY Professional DVD collected more than 70.000 Commercial Fonts worth over 300.000 dollars! This CD – the best way to find the universal font for all occasions or a special pilot project for an elegant font.

On this disc you will also find all the necessary programs to work with fonts:
• Live (Portable) means viewing, editing and installing fonts of your choice.
• No need to install a font manager, because the disc contains several Portable Font-managers, who will immediately find the desired fonts and to categorize all of this collection.

+ Update : Lynda Font Manager.
« FONTOGRAPHY Professional DVD » created specifically for designers, artists, aesthetes, publishers, advertisers, and just for those who have a font – a hobby.

Font Mangers & Creators Included ( For Windows & MacOSX Both):

Normal Installation:
• Adobe Type Manager 4.1
• Adobe Font Folio 9 Full (comes with over 2000 extra fonts)
• Adobe Font Folio 10 (open Type Edition Both are Crsoss-Platform)
• Extensis Suitcase 11 Full
• Font Fitting Room Deluxe
• Font Twister 1.3
• Font Doctor 2.5
• Font lab Studio 5
• Font Creator Pro
• Font Expert
• FontLab 5
• Serif Font Manager 2.0.3

Portable Programs (LIVE):
• Fontonizer 1.3 (ignore memory error popup)
doesn’t effect the live program, you might not even get that.
• Portable Font Creator 5.5
• Portable Font Expert
• Portable AMP Font Viewer 3.70
• Portable Font Fitting Rooom Deluxe
• Portable Font Navigator

Table Of Fonts Contents:

• Welcome

1. Defining Font Types
• TrueType
• PostScript Type 1
• OpenType
• dFont
• Multiple Master

2. Where to Purchase Fonts Online
• Foundries and licenses
• Online font resources

3. Manual Font Management in Mac OS X
• Font folders and access order
• Adobe application font folders
• Microsoft Office application font folder
• Library vs. user library
• System library font folders
• Identifying application and system default fonts
• Identifying loose fonts
• Manual font activation/deactivation
• Best practices for organizing
• Removing unneeded system fonts
• Emptying the font cache

4. Manual Font Management in Windows XP
• Font folder location/activation
• Identifying system default fonts

5. Introduction to Third-Party Management
• Why you should use font management software
• WYSIWYG font menus

6. Suitcase Fusion Essentials (Mac)
• Explaining the Vault
• Organizing your master library
• Importing fonts into the Vault
• Activation/deactivation
• Temporary fonts
• Previewing
• Finding fonts
• Creating font sets
• Application sets
• Auto activation
• Removing fonts

7. FontAgent Pro Essentials (Mac)
• Setup Assistant and importing fonts
• Multiple libraries
• Activation/deactivation
• Previewing
• Finding fonts
• Creating font sets
• Auto activation
• Removing fonts

8. Font Book Essentials (Mac)
• Importing fonts
• Adding libraries
• Activation/deactivation
• Previewing
• Finding fonts
• Creating font collections
• Removing fonts

9. Suitcase Essentials (Windows)
• Importing fonts
• Activation/deactivation
• Previewing
• Creating font sets
• Removing fonts

10. Font Reserve Essentials (Windows)
• Importing fonts
• Activation/deactivation
• Previewing
• Finding fonts
• Creating font sets
• Removing fonts

11. Linotype FontExplorer Essentials (Mac)
• Linotype Font Explorer (Mac freeware)

12. Introduction to Troubleshooting
• What to watch out for

13. Suitcase Fusion Troubleshooting (Mac)
• Finding missing fonts
• Scanning and repairing fonts
• Finding and resolving duplicates
• Managing system fonts

14. FontAgent Pro Troubleshooting (Mac)
• Verifying fonts
• Managing system fonts

15. Font Book Troubleshooting (Mac)
• Validating fonts
• Resolving duplicates

16. Suitcase Troubleshooting (Windows)
• Finding missing fonts

17. Troubleshooting Other Third-Party Font Tools
• Extensis FontDoctor (Mac and Windows)
• Using TransType Pro to convert typefaces (Mac and Windows)
• Using Smasher (Mac)

18. Collecting Fonts for Output
• Collecting from QuarkXPress 7
• Collecting from InDesign CS2
• Collecting from Suitcase Fusion (Mac)
• Collecting from FontAgent Pro (Mac)
• Collecting from Font Book (Mac)
• Collecting from Font Reserve (Windows)

19. Embedding Fonts
• Converting to outlines in Quark, InDesign, and Illustrator
• Rasterizing type in Photoshop
• Fonts and PDFs
• Conclusion

Title: FONTOGRAPHY Professional DVD
Platform / OS: Windows All, MacOSX
File Format: .ISZ (compressed Image DVD)
File Size: 3.4 GB

Note : DVD contains .ISZ Image DVD (compressed), Open with Ultra ISO (Recommended), Alcohol, Daemon Tools, etc…

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