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Best Service Blue Box – 16 CD Full Set

Best Service Blue Box – 16 CD Full Set

16 CD | WAV 1411 kbps | 3.2 GB

Blue Box – State of the Art sound effects 16 CD Set mixed mode WAV/Audio There is also an « adapted » version for Gigasampler available.

Incredible variety of sounds Blue Box contains one of the world`s most impressive sound libraries. Diversity and authentic Sound FX distinguish this Box from all others. Made for film and multimedia production this library is a treasure trove for Ambient Music and Commercials.

CD 01: Rail Traffic (train, tram…)
CD 02: Street Traffic (car, bus..)
CD 03: Street Traffic Part 2/ Sea Traffic (boat, harbor…)
CD 04: Air (airoplane, airport, helicopter, train…) Subway (subwaystation)
CD 05: Sea, Ocean (waves, riff, beach…)
CD 06: Water (waterblubbs, drops, splash, stream, river) Wind (wind, storm)
CD 07: Fire (fireplace, fireworks, lighter) Rain & Thunder (rain, hail, thunder)
CD 08: Birds (colony, jungle, country)
CD 09: Animals (wild, domestic) House Part 1(camera, clock, phone, bell, bottle, gramaphone, air conditioning) Doors Part 1
CD 10: House Part 2 (Bathroom, kitchen) Doors Part 2 Human (Dance group, human noice, voice, internet commands, laughs, footsteps…)
CD 11: Applause (Concerthall, club, theatre…) Crowds (Hall ambience, museum, musical, talking whisper, students…)
CD 12: Surroundings (Atmopsheres, restaurant, market, circus, church, churchbells, supermarket, hotel…)
CD 13: Industry at work (burner, drill, fire, hammer, saw…) Diverse work (chopping tree, construction building, weld), Machines (machine hall, electric, mechanical, robots…)
CD 14: Cartoon & Filmeffects (alarm, signals, radio fx, comic like e.g. machine, voice, going, percussion, ring, water blubb. Explosion, fight, shorts, mixed sounds like e.g. automat, spray, squel, zipper, percussive effects, smash, break, pops, rattles).
CD 15: Funfair: Barrelorgan, roller coaster, shooting gallery. Oktoberfest, gamehall, office, space-fx, sports.
CD 16: World (World atmospheres, chants, rhythms, religions, church.
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