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Photodex ProShow Workshop Full Set 5 DVD

Photodex ProShow Workshop Full Set 5 DVD

ISO | 5 DVDs | English | 7 H 10 Min | 13 GB

Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 1 – Working with Layers)
Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 2 – Mastering Audio)
Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 3 – Exploring Layer Keyframing)
Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 4 – Masking Exposed)
Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 5 – Creative Captions)


Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 1 – Working with Layers)

DVD | English | 1 H 35 Min | 2.9 GB

Learn the fundamentals of creating stunning effects using multiple layers in ProShow.


1. Priming The Canvas (10:36)
Learn why it’s helpful to do a little preliminary setup in ProShow before adding content to your slide show presentations.

2. Adding Layers To Your Show (7:49)
Get the scoop on which file types you can import as layers and the various ways you can bring them into your shows.

3. Layer Sizing & Positioning (9:18)
Learn how to resize and position layers while also getting acquainted with the different preview modes you can use.

4. Editing Your Layers (19:50)
Optimize your layers with non-destructive editing tools designed to save you time and enhance your show content.

5. Adding Depth To Layers (19:08)
Get ideas on how you can use borders, outlines and image transparency to add an exciting 3D feel to your layouts.

6. Layers In Motion (13:15)
Enhance a multi-layered photo arrangement with matched motion effects. Then, explore mixing motion with transparency.

7. Layers of Possibilities (15:04)
Achieve a simple elegance with photo borders, spark your creativity with another round of layouts using transparency, then finish with an exciting photo explosion effect.


Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 2 – Mastering Audio)

DVD | English | 1 H 10 Min | 2.5 GB

Learn to edit, blend and sync songs for professional results.


1. Planning Your Soundtrack (6:53)
Having a plan before starting a show is always a good idea. Get helpful tips on planning the soundtrack for your show.

2. Importing Audio (7:29)
Find out which audio file types you can use in ProShow and learn the different methods for adding them to your show.

3. Accessing the Controls (12:32)
There are three major areas in ProShow for controlling audio files. Find out where they are and how to use them.

4. Editing Audio For Your Show (9:53)
Optimize audio files safely with the built-in audio trimmer. Crop silence or isolate a section of a song with precision.

5. The Audio Timeline (8:26)
Use the audio timeline to visually sync music to slides and add fades and offsets, eliminating the standard guesswork.

6. Quick Syncing Options (6:16)
Learn how to make the length of your music match up with the length of your show with quick syncing options.

7. Record Slide Timing (10:36)
There’s nothing like watching a show that is expertly beat-matched to its soundtrack. Learn how to make it happen.

8. Recording Voiceovers (10:46)
Enhance any documentary-style show with a narration track. Learn how to record one in-program and edit it to perfection.


Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 3 – Exploring Layer Keyframing)

DVD | English | 1 H 20 Min | 2.1 GB

Learn Keyframing basics and how to create advanced Motion Effects, Adjustment Effects and more.


1. Keyframes: What and Why? (12:48)
Explore the history and concepts behind keyframing. Watch examples of how keyframing applies to Producer.

2. Using The Keyframe Timeline (7:11)
Become familiar with accessing the keyframe timeline and using its controls to achieve the results you want.

3. Exploring The Motion Settings (6:17)
Explore all of the options available in the Motion tab and learn how they work together to create motion effects.

4. Motion Using Two Keyframes (7:54)
Create several examples of basic motion effects that can be achieved using just two keyframes.

5. Motion Using Many Keyframes (7:32)
Sharpen your keyframing skills by creating an advanced motion effect for an image layer using many keyframes.

6. Making Motion Magic (17:04)
Graduate to creating this final, challenging effect in which you’ll combine layers, keyframing and time-saving shortcuts.

7. Exploring The Effects Settings (4:21)
Explore the variety of tools you can use in Producer to create adjustment effects using keyframing and when to use them.

8. One Effect, Many Keyframes (4:37)
Learn the basics of using effects keyframing in this example in which you’ll create the popular « black and white to color » effect.

9. A Flashy Favorite (13:11)
So you’re now a keyframing expert? Put it to the test in this fun, exciting example that combines both motion & adjustment effects.


Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 4 – Masking Exposed)

DVD | English | 1 H 35 Min | 2.9 GB

Learn how to use an assortment of Masking techniques to enhance your shows with impressive, artistic effects.


1. An Introduction to Masking (7:44)
Learn the basic concepts behind masking and watch examples of how you’ll learn to apply them.

2. Using Masking in Producer (9:58)
Find out where to access the masking options and learn the basics on how to use them.

3. Creating Files With Transparency (13:30)
Want to customize? Learn how to create your own transparency masks & borders in an image editor.

4. Using the Transparency Channel (6:12)
Learn how and when to use the transparency channel to create a variety of masking effects.

5. Using the Grayscale Channel (14:22)
Learn how and when to use the grayscale channel to achieve an entirely different set of cool effects.

6. A Contrasting Blend (10:49)
Create dozens of beautiful, blended compositions using gradients, masking and contrasting motion.

7. The Picture Grid Display (16:52)
Use a picture grid mask combined with motion, plus a variety of layouts to add excitement to shows.

8. The Spotlight Effect (16:25)
Learn the secret behind simulating a dramatic, moving spotlight using multiple masking techniques.

9. Endless Possibilities (3:21)
Get your creative juices flowing by watching this inspiring collection of advanced masking demos.


Photodex ProShow Workshop (vol. 5 – Creative Captions)

DVD | English | 1 H 30 Min | 2.5 GB

Maximize your creative potential and efficiency when using captions in ProShow.


1. Installing Fonts (7:09)
Learn how to obtain and install new fonts, using bonus fonts provided on the DVD for practice.

2. Creating Captions (13:32)
Uncover the basics on creating, editing & hiding captions while learning shortcuts to improve workflow.

3. Location Is Key (11:19)
Explore options for creating effective caption layouts, focusing on positioning, optimizing preview & alignment.

4. Saying It In Style (26:40)
Discover a world of options you can use to enhance the appearance of your captions for any kind of show.

5. Captions That Move (19:05)
Check out the unlimited creative possibilities of using text effects to add energy & professionalism to your captions.

6. Timing and Transitions (12:45)
Get the scoop on controlling timing and transitions for captions, while focusing on solving special timing challenges.


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