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Cisco Routing Video Mentor

Cisco Routing Video Mentor

ISO | English | 6 H 03 Min | 2.5 GB

Formation réseau CISCO en anglais qui prépare à la certification CCNP Routing (CCNP partie routage). Plus de 6h de formation vidéo accompagné d’un livre de 112 pages pour apprendre la configuration et la maintenance des routeurs CISCO.

Routing Video Mentor helps those who configure or maintain Cisco routers. Additionally, this Video Mentor product helps candidates of any Cisco exam that focuses on routing content, at both the associate and professional levels, but especially for the CCNP certification. Each Routing Video Mentor video presents a unique lab scenario, with both visual references and audio explanations of what you should expect to happen in a particular lab. The videos also show the command-line interface (CLI) commands used to implement the features described in each lab video, along with running commentary. The end result is a set of lab videos that explain some of the most important routing topics, with thorough explanations from a trusted mentor.

Each of the 15 lab videos follows the same basic approach, including these basic steps:
• The video begins with a description of the goals of the lab.
• The lab scenario steps are listed, giving a general outline of what the viewer should expect to see and hear during the video.
• The lab topology used in the video is described.
• The video shows the CLI commands used to configure the routing protocol or concept being addressed in a particular lab.

Routing Video Mentor Contents:
The Routing Video Mentor product package contains two components: a DVD and a booklet. The DVD contains the 15 lab videos, plus a PDF of the booklet. The DVD has been optimized for viewing on a computer with a 1024 X 768 minimum pixel grid. When the DVD starts, it will display a menu, from which you can start one of the 15 lab videos or view a PDF copy of the booklet.

The booklet is intended to be used for reference when watching the videos, as opposed to being a standalone tool. The booklet has a section corresponding to each of the 15 Routing Video Mentor labs and includes the following:
• The list of objectives for the lab
• The list of scenario steps
• A high-level overview of concepts demonstrated in the lab
• The beginning configuration on each device
• Configurations added to each device during the lab
• A diagram of the topology used in the lab

How the Routing Video Mentor Is Organized:
The Routing Video Mentor DVD menu gives you access to each of the 15 labs. The menu also gives you access to a PDF of the booklet included with the DVD.

The booklet itself simply contains 15 sections, each referencing one of the 15 lab videos. The 15 lab videos are as follows:
• Lab 1, “Configuring Static Routes”
• Lab 2, “Configuring and Verifying RIPv1 and RIPv2”
• Lab 3, “Configuring and Verifying EIGRP”
• Lab 4, “Configuring and Verifying Single-Area OSPF”
• Lab 5, “Configuring OSPF for Multiple Areas and Frame Relay Nonbroadcast”
• Lab 6, “Configuring and Verifying OSPF Route Summarization for Interarea and External Routes”
• Lab 7, “Configuring Route Redistribution”
• Lab 8, “Configuring Integrated IS-IS Routing”
• Lab 9, “Configuring and Verifying Policy-Based Routing”
• Lab 10, “Configuring Multihome BGP”
• Lab 11, “Using Route Maps for BGP Path Selection”
• Lab 12, “Implementing Multicast Routing”
• Lab 13, “Configuring IPv6 Addressing”
• Lab 14, “Configuring IPv6 OSPF Routing”

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